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Yuka Tanaka - Japan_18Oct21_edited.jpg

بروك موراليس (19)

الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

"Fossil fuels have been dug limitlessly, energy has been consumed limitlessly, trees have been burned limitlessly, and the world’s population has grown limitlessly. In such a situation, I think climate change is unavoidable, that we have entered an era in which each one of us should live every single day being conscious about the health of this planet. What we as individuals do every day as a matter of course is not what “only we” do but also what billions of other people do every day. 

Two-thirds of global wildlife was lost in just the last 50 years. This fact is not only a sad thing but a terrifying crisis to me.

As climate change has increased exponentially in recent years, it is difficult to maintain hope. But I still dream of the world returning to a state of climate stability again one day."

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