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'Lately,  it’s all about infrastructure. That word keeps coming up in my life. I  live in upstate New York, USA, where man-made industrialized  infrastructure - especially transportation - is a huge deal:  numerous  highways, bridges, and cars; two ports; tankers, commercial and pleasure  boats; railroads; airports; the Erie Canal. It can be very harsh. But,  natural infrastructure is also a huge deal because we are located on the  Hudson River, with dozens of tributaries, between the Adirondack and  Catskill Mountains. It is truly a world-class landscape, but it's often  invisible, hard to access, or exploited. I care deeply about the natural  world and dream of a future where more females and non-males lead, and  where mixed-gender teams of problem solvers create a more beautiful  convergence of human and natural infrastructures. Can tech help get us  there?  I think so.  As a writer, I also believe we need a new  vocabulary to communicate a new vision, so I’m working on creating a  post-COVID glossary.'

Susan's writing and publications website is here.

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