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'I'm  not sure population growth or even consumption are true reflections of  the actual problem. We face a deeper struggle. Whether it is the climate  crisis or a biodiversity one, any effective mitigation and adaptation  will require us to tackle the injustices of the past and present. We  must recognize its role in the problems we face as a society. The focus  on population growth may sidetrack from the real issues.

Does  population growth sit at the core of our problems? Perhaps greed is a  bigger issue. The vaccine situation is a clear example, is it that we do  not have enough vaccines or is it because some countries have more than  they need? Either way, there is a need for redistribution, reparations,  and accountability.


I  believe one way to start is by investing in women and children.  Empowering women and children will have long lasting effects that will  benefit both society and nature.'

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