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'Last  night we started drilling to find water for people in the Sahel region  of my home country, Togo. It was hard and long, but successful. I am  having the most difficult experiences in my life and I think it will  make me more strong to face life and adapt to every situation in life.  Now I am ready to face the whole world.

During the #covid19 pandemic I didn’t stay at home, because many people still need help and  support. The most vulnerable people all around the world still need us,  especially elders and homeless people.  I made a video on my LinkedIn page.  We can all make a difference!

Just #InspiringOptimism

In  the Sahel region in Africa most vulnerable people are forced to flee  from their house because of conflicts, terrorism, the climate crisis and  poverty.  This is my gift for them.  All I want is PEACE!'

- Kaossara Sani is founder of Africa Optimism and Executive Director of the Act on Sahel Movement. Find her here and on Linked In and Twitter.

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