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'Overpopulation  and overconsumption go hand in hand. The more people the more  consumption, but it's not that simple, is it? Educating the younger  generations on overconsumption is critical. Women will have children, it  is a personal choice and motherhood is a magical thing, I imagine.  Raising next generations that have the world's ecosystems as a priority  will play a huge part in the reduction of consumption and population.  That said, growing up in Ireland, around 20 years ago, family and kids  were always in girls' minds as they play dolls and house. However,  things are changing rapidly and unlike the generation before us, now  many of my friends, women and men, are choosing not to have children.  There is a shift happening, conversations of overpopulation and  overconsumption are being had.

It  is important to highlight the correlations between these choices,  education and access to contraception I feel. These are privileges that  not all women have. That is why I think these personal conversations are  vital, to ensure that whatever women choose; they can do so having  thought about it, knowing what options are available, what they want and  not because of pressure or societal norms.'

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