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'When  Phoebe asked me to join Girl Planet Earth Voices, at first I was  reluctant, since I thought I don’t have one major success story on how I  fought overconsumption or how I saved nature and our planet. Then, it  occurred to me that indeed, neither I, nor we, do not have to do it all  by ourselves. I live my life every day, as intentionally as I can,  making it as meaningful as I can - by choosing minimalism, fighting  overconsumption and protecting our nature. Every morning I wake up at my  own pace and make favorable choices for sustainability, economic health  and well-being.

I  am fulfilled knowing that there are many women out there just like me…  doing everything in our paces and then together joining the global  discussion for these challenges affecting women.'

Grese is a journalist whose great work appears, among other places, in YouthTime Magazine.  Find her here!

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