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'As  an artist, I believe that women contain in them universes of stories. I  grew up in the Philippines, which has one of the highest rates of teen  pregnancies in Asia.  I saw how young women who went from having limited  choices to even more limited ones.  As I write this, the pandemic has  brought more work upon women when it comes to childcare, housework,  among other things, highlighting the inequalities we have already been  facing even before COVID-19. But all women have the right to reach their  potential and be self-actualised, and I want all of us to grow into the  best versions of ourselves.  I acknowledge the privilege I have had,  from my childhood to my education to the many opportunities given to me  in order to achieve my dreams. To be self-actualised, to have a  fulfilling career, and to see the world means I can be my best self in  all my relationships. If I do choose to have children in the future, I  want to empower them with the skills I have learned in realising the  importance of standing up for myself and reaching my potential.'

Check out some of Catherine's beautiful work at the Sydney Observatory Residency Program here.

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