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'My  mom had six children, five girls and one boy.  In her own family there  were only three siblings, two brothers and herself.  When I was a  teenager, I never thought of kids or getting married.  My major concern  was to finish school.  After that, getting married and having children  was still not on my mind.  I had no plans for that.

I  eventually got married.  Still, my husband and I did not discuss the  size of our family.   Once we decided to have kids, I thought two was  enough.  Coming  from a big family, I always thought that it would be more fun to have a  small family. It was a lot easier both economically and  environmentally. We were able to provide more for our family.

My  kids are grown and not interested in having kids right now. They both  have dogs. And at the moment they are both content with their decisions.  I believe that having kids is a personal decision and no one should  influence you one way or another.  I don’t put any pressure on my kids  to have children.  It is their decision.'

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